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My name is Virginia (Gini) Deaton. Some people say you are born with the ability to be an artist, or not. If that is so, then being an artist is a gift for which I am very grateful. I believe we all have that creative spark, no matter how it manifests itself, whether it is in drawing, painting, decorating a room or knowing what colors work well together in an outfit. We all can nurture that gift. I love to oil paint. I use light and color to create floral and landscape paintings that speak to the viewer of the beauty of the subject. My favorite things to paint are the old, the antique, and the forgotten. Painting the past in such a way that is both a celebration of the beauty of what was and a clinging to what is only a fleeting memory. I use light and color to bring us to that same place in time and show us what was meaningful and precious and worth remembering.

I love painting a wide variety of things. From floral to landscapes, to still lifes. Explore with me…

A Little History

I started painting at the age of 12. I received an easel for my birthday and I still have the first original painting of my house I did that fall. I was in the art classroom in high school more than any other class, skipping study hall to go there. At one time I earned my living by traveling the United States selling hand painted country and Victorian-style home decorating accessories. What a blast that was! I painted on everything from fabric, to wood, to metal, and of course, canvas. However, when the economy tanked, and with the responsibility of having two children to support, I had to take a creative detour. I shifted my career into graphic design. For more than 2 decades I successfully earned a living as a graphic artist and web design in the advertising and marketing departments of various companies. Today I am thrilled to be focusing on my first love, working with oil paints. 


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